Kùzu 0.0.8 Release

Kùzu Team
Kùzu Team
Developers of Kùzu Inc.

We’re here to introduce Kùzu 0.0.8, which is a minor bug-fix release together with some performance optimizations:

  • Fixed a major bug in COPY on large datasets. PR 1963
  • Implemented the TopK optimization, significantly enhancing the performance of queries that involve ORDER BY and LIMIT clauses. We will delve deeper into this optimization in a blog post. PR 1949
  • WITH clause (CTE) rewriter. We avoid the evaluation of node and rel in CTE projection if it’s not needed for further processing. PR 1956
  • Updated our Rust doc with converting query result to arrow arrays.
  • Fixed the size allocated for boolean values to match the size of the bit-packed data. PR 1953

For more detailed information about the changes in this release, please see here.