Kùzu 0.0.10 Release

Kùzu Team
Kùzu Team
Developers of Kùzu Inc.

We’re happy to introduce Kùzu 0.0.10, which is a minor release with a bunch of bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added the frame of reference encoding for integers. PR 2140
  • Fixed slicing of UTF-8 string. PR 2212
  • Fixed copying of invalid UTF-8. PR 2208
  • Added more checks and better error messages during the binding phase. PR 2206
  • Fixed return list literal with null values. PR 2187
  • Fixed bugs in scan multi label rel tables. PR 2149
  • Deprecated all functions for getting the table names and properties from the client APIs and the CLI, instead, CALL is introduced for the same functionality. PR 2199, 2207
  • Added missing data type support in client APIs. PR 2183, PR 2176, PR 2193, PR 2172

For more detailed information about the changes in this release, please see here.